Hoodia Gordonii Liver Damage

PrecautionsSeveral cases of liver injury reported by people, to use the products for weight loss with green tea. Also if it an Ursache-of response relationship determined to, concentrated green tea of researcher rates extract themselves in large doses. Green tea contains caffeine, which commonly causes side effects of the supplement. If you experience anxiety, insomnia, agitation or tremor, you see the use hoodia gordonii liver damage of an extract of decaffeinated green tea. People with diabetes should see adds that contain Hoodia. Why Hoodia blocked the normal signals of hunger, can allow a dangerous drop in blood sugar. Hoodia may be also very dangerous for people with eating disorders or extreme diet. Although herbal supplements used for centuries were to strengthen and heal the body, they contain active compounds and substances, which can cause side effects and can interact or interfere with other medicines, dietary supplements, or treatments. Talk your doctor before starting any supplement program to ensure health and safety. .